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Get High Quality Top-Tier-1 prospects to your site fast 

 Our Money Making Traffic, Provides a Highly-Scalable Traffic Source That Can Actually Convert to Leads and Sales. 

 Diane Wise, moneymakingtraffic.com


Hi, Welcome to MoneyMakingTraffic for the home business niche. Email Traffic is a passion for me, Love seeing results from all my clients wherever they might be in the world.

I want to be your long term partner and help you in growing your business successfully.  


Successful business owners and customers are using my solo traffic to generate leads, sales and down-line members.  My solo leads can be in your best prospects inboxes starting within hours.  No Spam Involved.

Doing this puts us in a very unique and advantageous position to understand traffic and how it’s converting for various offers.

Here's Why Our Traffic is Different:

Hand-Picked Traffic To Ensure Conversions:
We handpick the prospects that see your offer which essentially means you see higher conversions and more profits.  

Unique 'Lead-Prequalification' System To Filter Out The Crap:
Our ‘Lead Pre-Qualification’ system ensures that the leads that see your offer are highly motivated to try the solution/business opportunity you have to offer.  

100% Top Tier Traffic That Has The Money To Invest:
We do not deal with second or third tier traffic that just bloat up your autoresponder accounts but get little to no conversions, we filter them out before they see your offer.  

They Are in Hyper-Decision Making Mode:
We literally make the leads jump through hoops to see your offer, this coupled with the email swipes written by our copywriters, results in the prospects reaching your pages in the best possible decision-making mode.  

No Bots or Fake Clicks:
We use our in-house systems and the best softwares available online today to filter out the junk traffic. You only get real people!  

Life-Time Support (We'll be friends forever)
Once you start working with us, if you EVER have any questions, not just about the order but anything about making money over the internet, you can contact our support desk and we’ll go above and beyond to help you out 🙂  

We Deliver The Best MONEYMAKINGTRAFFIC In The Industry!

We Get You Results:
To give you peace of mind that you’re working with people who know how to get results. Just check out all the testimonials on this page, real people real results! That’s just how we like doing business.

We Got This, We've been getting results for several years:
We know this traffic game like the back of our hands. We have been supplying Money Making Traffic for the ‘home biz/make money online’ niche for several years. And have updated it thousands of times, think about this. Thousands of updates… We got this!

Our Systems Are Unique (Lead-Prequalification is Just 1 of Several)
This is our distinct advantage, we’ve coded a system from the ground up filters the bots, pre-qualifies the leads and get them to see your offer in the most emotionally charged state. Nobody else can do the same!  

Here’s What Gets The Best Results
With Our Unique Traffic:  

Although our traffic kicks ass for almost any home business opportunity offer; it isn’t a great fit for people promoting services like SEO, Designing, weight loss or anything outside the make money online or the home business industry.

We have plans to expand into those niches as well but for now we know what works well and we only offer the best to our clients.

You will be no different. These are some offers that do really well, if you have something similar it should work just as well.

Got doubts? Hit up the support chat, we’re always here to take care of you.  


Simon Crabb  

I recently bought a 300 click solo from Diane, and I'm more than pleased, the clicks were delivered well, the countries were a high percentage of Tier 1, and the optins were solid.

Diane is a great , genuine, honest and a great communicator.

HIGHLY recommended, I'm looking forward to working with Diane again in the future.

Samith Pich  

Just created a short video testimonial for Diane and her wonderful solo ad service.

I got some great results from my list 200 click campaign and you should know that she's a very reliable trust worthy person.

And her service really delivers the goods so I have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

Paul De Sousa  

Bought a 200 clicks solo from Diane, and got 223 Clicks.

She delivered almost an hour after i placed my order so it was really fast delivery.

Very easy to communicate with and very service friendly too.

She is Highly recommended.

Joshua Zamora  

Just bought a 200 Click Solo from Diane.

Got FAST and SOLID clicks from her with a 10% over delivery on clicks!

Great communication from a nice and trusted solo seller.

Marc Milburn  

Thanks for a great solo ad.

I know that you did a crazy job of over-delivering (bought 200 clicks but received over 225+) and the traffic looks like it's had great conversions!

I'll definitely be back to buy more solos.

Leonardo Schwartz  

She started sending my way some of the higher quality clicks I've been in the industry right away!

Seriously: I'm a tracking geek and I couldn't believe my eyes: 57.14% optin rate! WOW! Also, a nice 26% OVERDELIVERY.

What can I say: you've got a lifetime customer out of me. IMPRESSIVE WORK!

Athanasios "Attan" Hatzikirkou  

Bought a 200 clicks solo from Diane, and got 223 Clicks.

She delivered almost an hour after i placed my order so it was really fast delivery.

Very easy to communicate with and very service friendly too. Highly recommended.

Riz Nicolas  

Just bought a 300 Click Solo from Diane. Got FAST and SOLID clicks from her with a 10% over delivery on clicks! 

Great communication from a nice and trusted solo seller.

Jerome Chapman  

Hey Diane just wanted to say thanks for the solo.

I noticed you sent more than I ordered too so I was really excited to see that. I received near 40% opt in to my list also so thanks for helping me build my new list.

I've just started so this is lots of fun.

Tom Yevsikov  

Ordered a 500 click solo, made half my money back on the spot from the back end AND obtained a nice bunch of new followers and buyers.

John Lee  

Hey Diane, Thank you for an awesome solo run, converted at 43% Nice doing business with you!

Best regards.

Rodney Savini  

I bought a 200 click solo from Diane, and she over delivered by 20%.

I was very pleased with the high opt-in rate, and made plenty of sales.

I would highly recommend Diane one and will be back for more solos.

It's Super Simple 

To Your Success,

Support Email: diane@dwisechoice.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/make.dwisechoice

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